Chelsea Zoeller
Chelsea Zoeller

Cupcake Wines Rebranding & Packaging

The rebranding of Cupcake Wines began as a refresh to the logomark using hand drawn type. A brand refresh accompanied this task which led into a full rebranding of the Wine. I looked at comsumer and archetypes to redirect the brand to target a more specific audience. 

Cupcake Wine

Cupcake’s old logo used an Egyptian serif and an almost illegible script wordmark. Through research, archetypes, and a change in messaging, I repositioned Cupcake to have a much more specific audience – Women who enjoy wine with their friends on girl’s night.


Brand archetypes and posistioning


Identity and packaging

Cupcake branding.jpg
Items that support the brand voice would be available to purchase online on in store at   POP.

A gift crate to give on special occasions and Cupcake personalized wine glasses.
Items that support the brand voice would be available for purchase online or in store.